Mauritius ~ Indian Ocean Welcome to Paradise!

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Coral beach Mauritius island you will surely leave!?... ...with great hesitation!...Planning your next trip already in the aircraft!! ;-)
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Map of Mauritius Indian Ocean

Relax on the Sandy Beaches! Blazing Sun! Great Variety of Foods...later a Round of Golf at a prestigious "Tiger Course"! You can drive your first ball to the "Paradise Golf Course" from our front your own risk hitting neighbours... ;) !

Why not Top it off with some Snorkel, Scuba-Diving or a Boat Trip making Your Holiday further one to never forget.....

Diving in Mauritius with its Virgin Beaches Embraced by Coral Reefs & Translucent Lagoons offers some
of the Best Dives in the Indian Ocean.

Waters Surrounding Mauritius have an Astonishing Marine Fauna & Some of the Most Interesting Coral & Fish Species in the World.

Welcome to Paradise!

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au Morne L'ile Maurice

Discover Paradise!

Walk the Amazing Sand & Coral Beaches Celebrate before Unforgetable Sunsets Hike Lushes Forests & Waterfalls Float & Admire the Fantastic Ocean & its Life Taste the Broad Cuisine of Great Food Experience Richness of Life Beyond Imagination on Mauritius!

Mauritius is just off the east coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. Sizewise roughly about 40km wide by 52km long. It is the tip of an extinct volcanoe. Barrier reefs protect
the island & its beaches. The island is well known for its upmarket goods, resorts & golf courses. This is the island where the Dodo became extinct. Let us tell you more!

Sea temperatures approx. 27 C in the summer & 22-24 C in the winter. Mauritius is a world of experience. A cosmopolitan feel which is apparent in its architecture due to its past French & British legacy. From the elegant Colonial sugar cane plantation houses to the unique thatched roofs of the modern hotels. The magnificent Hindu Temples & Oriental Style Gardens are a testament to the flavour contributed by the islands recent settlers.

The natural beauty is perhaps the finest strengths of this island. The once active volcanoes, to the ever flowing waterfalls, forests, lagoons, beaches, coral reefs a never ending lists. We have the pleasure of recommending some of the most interesting attractions!

Mauritius is often referred to as the Eden of the Indian Ocean, a destination which is 'Out of this World'.

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